Army and Safety

During a mission the responsibilities are heavy, the stress almost permanent and the workload often maximum. Under these conditions, processing more visual information faster is to ensure maximum security

1. Pilots :

Flying an airplane can be a heavy workload at any time. Training visual attention is optimizing mental resources and thus making it possible to make the right choice at the right time.
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2. Commando :

Despite the advancement of technology, the possibility of high-intensity combat involves putting man back at the heart of the weapons system. For the combatant to be able to continue his mission in a degraded situation, the healing of all his senses remains one of the foundations of operational preparation.

3. Law enforcement :

The public force is an expression designating all the services of the State and of the territorial communities which are responsible for maintaining order, security and the execution of the laws. In civil matters, these are mainly Police Commissioners, Gendarmerie Officers and agents from their services.

4. Traffic controller :

During his missions, the air traffic controller must demonstrate excellent analytical skills to manage several sources of information simultaneously. He has no right to make mistakes.


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