Preventing falls, being able to continue reading the newspaper, moving around, or even recognizing a family member, is to fight against the exclusion experienced by the elderly. Relieving the pain associated with postural imbalance is to respond to a real social issue. Improving reading performance helps to limit school failure.

1. Senior :

The Silver Economy is an economy that sets itself the ultimate goal of improving the lives of Seniors. It encourages our society to anticipate the effects of an aging population. We have gone from wanting to live longer to living longer in good health.

2. Posturology :

The eye plays a primary role in controlling posture. It has a dual function: exo and endosensor, that is, it transmits information to the brain from both outside and inside the body.

3. Paramedics :

Specific learning disabilities correspond to cognitive dysfunctions that affect the acquisition, organization, memorization, understanding or use of information. Improvement in visual attention skills could bring about an improvement in silent sentence reading performance.

4. Clinical & medical Research :

The objective, quantitative information collected by our program provides a basis for comparison to normative data, revealing differences that support particular diagnoses or identification of impairments.
Optimization of visual perception through training on the E(ye) Motion program is being studied clinically in the settings of cognitive decline and low vision. In sport, scientific validation is underway on several sites and concerning various issues.


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