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Founded in 2016, E(ye) Motion is developing its expertise activity in the field of visual perception optimization. With 20 years of clinical experience in the rehabilitation of visual disorders (oculomotricity, low vision and visual attention) and after 5 years of R&D, the E(ye) Motion cognitive training program has become the benchmark in its field.

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Our patented program, developed by Nicolas Marchais, Orthoptist researcher and lecturer, developed in collaboration with top-level athletes, aims to be a leader in the following markets:

1. Sports

Historically, there has been a frenetic race in the field of improving athletic performance. The E(ye) Motion program offers an innovative approach by optimizing the visual perception of top-level athletes.

2. eSports

eSport, a true social and economic phenomenon, is gradually becoming more professional. Structures are flourishing and offer support adapted to both amateur players and the champions of tomorrow. Our program and our training modules fit perfectly into this prevention and performance approach.

3. Health

Preventing falls, not being able to read the newspaper, move around, or even recognize a family member is a real social issue. The E(ye) Motion program aims to limit the effects of cognitive aging and visual impairment, and to fight against the exclusion experienced by the elderly.

4. Aéronautique & Défense

En mission les responsabilités sont lourdes, le stress quasi permanent et la charge de travail souvent maximale. Dans ces conditions, traiter plus d’informations visuelles plus vite, c’est s’assurer une sécurité optimale.

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