L’esport véritable phénomène de société et économique se professionnalise peu à peu. Des structures fleurissent et proposent un accompagnement adapté autant au joueurs amateurs qu’aux champions de demain. Notre programme et nos modules d’entrainements s’inscrivent parfaitement dans cette démarche de prévention et de performances.

1. The eSport phenomenon: 3 examples

In July 2019,
16-year-old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won € 3 million at the Fortnite Video Game World Championship

15 million players in France

44 million simultaneous viewers during the 2019 League of Legends Worlds final in Paris

2. Prevention

In an American scientific study from January 2019, the first complaint described by eSports athletes was eye fatigue. E(ye) Motion integrates an oculomotor routine and optimizes the different eye movements.

3. Performance

Visual attention is a key parameter because all players have the same playing time.
Optimizing it is making sure you are one step ahead of the opponent.

4. Eye-tracking

Discover your oculomotor strategy and the quality of your fixation. Compare yourself to the experts by using eye-tracking technology.


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